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UpdatedSaturday April 2, 2016 byWest Genesee FC Boys.


We are excited to offer TeamWALL this year.  Please download this free app for your smartphone or log into the registration site to view these features online.  Rosters are available now and game schedules will be posted as soon as they are available.

  • Game attendance - please use the attendance feature each week to indicate if you are able to participate in the game or not.  This provides immediate feedback to our coaches and can allow coaches to contact substitute players if a team is going to be short on numbers.
  • Once you indicate your game attendance the automatic reminders will stop - up to three reminders will be sent for each game.
  • We are discontinuing the weekly email reminders this year in favor of the team-specific information provided by TeamWALL. There will still be occasional program-wide email announcements similar to this one.
  • Training schedules and attendance - due to the consistent nature of our training we will not be loading training schedules into TeamWALL.  We train every Tuesday evening during the session.
  • Coaching and team communication - Coaches will be able to send messages directly to their team.  We hope this will facilitate communication such as in the event of poor weather conditions.  There is also a chat feature for families to pass along team information.
  • Team websites - there are additional features including a team website that we are considering for future use.  If you are interested in helping with uploading pictures or maintaining these websites please contact us for more details.