Volunteers needed

UpdatedSunday October 1, 2017 byConor Murphy.

Announcing:  Help Needed for the following position:

Soccer Associations Coordinator

Helping WGFC connect with other regional soccer programs


Short-term Goals (November 2017)

  • Compile a list of regional programs, collect contact information for our website, provide 1-2 sentence description (We have a starter list but want to be as comprehensive as possible)

  • Consider an informational form to help organize details about these programs - including at least the following:

    • Categorize each organization as Recreational or Club

    • Age Levels

    • Website URL (preferred) or phone Number

    • Primary program location

    • Request reciprocity link from their website to WGFC Boys and Girls websites.  We need contact information for a specific person in the organization but not to be included in the public listing on our site.

  • We do not want to list any pricing for these offerings.

  • We do not currently plan to promote or recommend any one program over another

  • Think regionally, not just in our district, but limited to the surrounding towns (within approx 30 minutes driving) from micro-soccer for preschool children to high school clubs, summer camps, etc

Long-term Goals

  • 3-4 times per year complete a review of these organizations

  • Add new programs (can be done on-the-fly or periodically)

  • Refresh upcoming offerings where appropriate (example, announce spring soccer will be starting for local programs through the towns)

  • Visit websites and confirm our reciprocity links are visible and working

  • Consider opportunities to promote WGFC from association websites where appropriate (example, provide details to WOYSA to promote WGFC indoor soccer on their website)


As the WGFC Program grows and adds new members and opportunities we have found the need for a greater number of parent volunteer involvement.  The existing coaching staff has to focus our efforts on the older group and as the club expands it would help provide efficiency if we had a few club level volunteers to help maintain consistent organization.


  • Volunteer Coaches - At every level this would be helpful.  While Coach Murphy and the rest of the full time staff will make every effort to be present at all high-school aged events, it would be helpful to have a designated parent volunteer for each team.

    • Further, at the lower levels, we MUST have parent volunteers to field a team at any level.  WIthout a full time parent coach we cannot commit to providing an opportunity.

    • If you volunteer we will make every effort to keep you with your son’s roster and move you through the program as your son gets older.  There are no certification/background requirements.  Volunteer coaches will be provided with information regarding age appropriate expectations, training/competing guidelines, and a working handbook of technical activities and tactical information.

    • ***We will take coaches whenever we can get them - in NO way is there any expectation of a 12 month commitment!  The hope is to have a number of parent volunteer coaches at each level to help shoulder the burden as the boys grow towards the top level teams.


  • Equipment Manager - The responsibilities of this single volunteer position (or committee of 3 or less) would include maintaining a running inventory of club equipment, organizing available equipment for teams as they run, and keeping track of when existing equipment needs to be replaced or new equipment needs to be purchased.


  • WGFC Administrator - The responsibilities of this volunteer include organizing the training and competitive opportunities by age level, liaising with facilities and league managers, disseminating paperwork and information, gathering registration forms, and assisting with the general administration of club business management.


  • Webmaster - The responsibilities of this volunteer would be maintenance of our web page.  This includes 3 main programs; The fall season, the off season WGFC opportunities, and the Wildcat Summer Classic League.  Creating registrations, assigning players, and updating schedule/results would also fall under the responsibilities of webmaster.