Program Policies

UpdatedWednesday June 29, 2016 byConor Murphy.

Program Policies


Parents are expected to update contact information in SIPlay accounts whenever necessary.  WGFC takes no responsibility for this matter.  Administrators and coaches may contact you through updated emails if provided but will not update families’ information on the site. Failure to do so may result in delayed access to updates and information about club business and player opportunities.



It is expected that all players will register in a timely manner while the registration window is open.  We will post regularly to the webpage and twitter as opportunities arise as well as doing our best to notify all families by email.  Most opportunities will have a finite number of available slots and any potential registrants will be waitlisted once those slots are full, even if it is prior to the advertised end of the registration period.  While deadlines may be extended for the club due to a number of circumstances, individual late registrations will no longer be accepted.



Players are expected to regularly use and update team wall.  If you plan to be absent from any scheduled event but attain your own substitute we ask that you indicate ‘Attending’ on Team Wall.  All players are to indicate their attendance on team wall no less than 36 hours prior to any scheduled contest.  Failure to do so may result in a substitute being attained by coaching staff and player’s time in said game being denied and/or limited.

As always please let your coach know as soon as possible regarding any injuries to players. They are available for your questions or concerns.  Additionally, Coach Murphy is available at any time.  We are always open to your feedback - our goal is to continue to improve this Club and the player experience.  Let us know what you like so we don’t accidentally change something great.  Let us know about your concerns so we can review our plans and make changes. Lastly, don't forget to talk about this program with your friends.  Recruitment by word-of-mouth is one of the strongest factors in bringing new players and families to our organization.



Please always bring a yellow or gold and blue top to games and training sessions.  Please wear blue shorts and socks (dark blue preferred).

Players at all ages must have proper shoes, shinpads covered by socks and a water bottle for all games and training sessions.  No jewelry is allowed during training or games.  This means no earrings of any style, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.

Players should bring a properly inflated soccer ball to all training sessions (Size 4 for Youth level).