Soccer Associations Coordinator - Help Needed

Helping WGFC connect with other regional soccer programs

Updated Sunday October 1, 2017 by John Merritt.

Short-term Goals (November 2017)

  • Compile a list of regional programs, collect contact information for our website, provide 1-2 sentence description (We have a starter list but want to be as comprehensive as possible)

  • Consider an informational form to help organize details about these programs - including at least the following:

    • Categorize each organization as Recreational or Club

    • Age Levels

    • Website URL (preferred) or phone Number

    • Primary program location

    • Request reciprocity link from their website to WGFC Boys and Girls websites.  We need contact information for a specific person in the organization but not to be included in the public listing on our site.

  • We do not want to list any pricing for these offerings.

  • We do not currently plan to promote or recommend any one program over another

  • Think regionally, not just in our district, but limited to the surrounding towns (within approx 30 minutes driving) from micro-soccer for preschool children to high school clubs, summer camps, etc

Long-term Goals

  • 3-4 times per year complete a review of these organizations

  • Add new programs (can be done on-the-fly or periodically)

  • Refresh upcoming offerings where appropriate (example, announce spring soccer will be starting for local programs through the towns)

  • Visit websites and confirm our reciprocity links are visible and working

  • Consider opportunities to promote WGFC from association websites where appropriate (example, provide details to WOYSA to promote WGFC indoor soccer on their website)